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Wizkard Playing Card


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Introducing “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” playing cards, a truly enchanting and collectible deck that will transport you to a realm of fantasy and magic. This one-of-a-kind deck takes its name from the extraordinary combination of the words “wizard” and “card,” perfectly capturing the essence of the design within.

The box of the “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” deck is a sight to behold. Adorned with a vibrant yellow hue, reminiscent of the radiant glow of magic, the box is designed to captivate and intrigue. The font used on the box echoes the mysticism of a wise wizard, enticing you to explore the wonders within. The striking combination of yellow and red further enhances the allure, symbolizing the epic battle between the wizard and the fire dragon.

Delve into the deck, and you will find an awe-inspiring design that tells a mesmerizing story. Each card showcases intricate artwork depicting a courageous wizard valiantly protecting a majestic castle, locked in an epic battle against a fearsome fire dragon. The attention to detail is simply breathtaking, with the wizard’s robes swirling in the wind and the dragon’s fiery breath illuminating the card, bringing the scene to life.

Not only is the “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” deck visually stunning, but it is also crafted with meticulous precision for optimal performance. Printed using high-quality materials, these cards ensure durability and ease of handling. The smooth finish allows for seamless shuffling, dealing, and flourishing, allowing you to showcase your cardistry skills with grace and flair.

As a collector, “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” is a treasure worth adding to your collection. This deck transcends ordinary playing cards, offering a unique fusion of magic, fantasy, and artistry. Whether you are a card enthusiast, a lover of all things mystical, or a magician seeking inspiration, “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” is a must-have that will ignite your imagination.

Experience the captivating allure of “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” playing cards and embark on a journey into a world of magic and wonder. Let the wizard and fire dragon guide you through a realm where dreams come alive with every shuffle and deal. Embrace the magic and make “Wizkard: Wizard’s Fire” a cherished part of your collection today.

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63 x 88mm


Regular Linen

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