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Return & Refund

Our return policy

  • Return requests have to be submitted within 15 days from the date of receipt.
  • Item purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack has to be returned as a whole set.
  • Our flexible returns policy makes your online shopping experience even easier. We practice close monitoring of the number of returns made by customers, and continued returns will be flagged and potentially refused at our discretion.

Can I exchange item?

An exchange option is not available. You may like to submit a return request for the original item within the return period, for a full refund. A new order may be made again.

How will I be refund?

All refund upon submitting the return request and approval, all returns will be reviewed by and we reserve all rights to approve/deny any return value.

For items, upon receiving them at our facility, we will send you a notification and process your request.

You may expect to receive your refund within the 7-14 business days in your Credit Card account.

Will I incur any fee when return my item?

For all items eligible for returns, you will not be liable for payment of any shipping charges or taxes.

If your order has incurred a shipping fee, please note that the refunded amount will not include the shipping fee.

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